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Installing home appliances such as generators, air conditioners, washing machines, pumping machines or satellite dishes can be a very daunting task. Despite the inclusion of user manuals in the packaging of these appliances, we all do not know how to install them let alone have the tools and expertise to do same. Owing to this, we want to call the best hands to help us install these appliances for our usage. However, not all of us can get the best hands to execute this task. Another challenge we face in our daily life is getting the best hands to fix these appliances when they develop fault. The level of confidence that most Nigerians have in artisans/technicians keeps reducing with each experience with an artisan.


We all look for artisans/technicians that will offer creative solutions and give us exceptional customer experience. Our homes and businesses are expected to run seamlessly without downtime of any appliances. More often than not, some of us have experienced a bad day with artisans/technicians in time past. This is the challenge that SmoothRepairs, a brand of ICS Outsourcing Limited has come out to solve.


ICS Outsourcing Limited  has been a leader in Nigeria’s outsourcing industry for over two decades. In furtherance of the company’s goal to provide sustainable business solutions, it launched the SmoothRepairs project to provide maintenance, repair and installation services in a professional and efficient manner. SmoothRepairs is an on-demand service that enables users to request professional artisans/technicians to carry out home and office repairs.

SmoothRepairs  is a brand of ICS Outsourcing Limited that helps busy individuals and companies access verified professional artisans for repairs, maintenance and installation services. We have a list of professional artisans/technicians on our database.

The SmoothRepairs Advantage

  • Security: We guarantee your security and the security of your assets.
  • Cost effectiveness: Services on SmoothRepairs are very affordable.
  • Quality assurance: Our artisans deliver quality services with utmost courtesy.
  • Convenience and speed: You can call out our artisans at your convenience.
  • Nationwide coverage: Our artisans are available in all the 36 states of Nigeria.


All our artisans are experienced in their respective specialties. They are also verified having gone through our background checks. We operate to provide domestic and industrial facility management solutions. With SmoothRepairs solutions, organizations can now focus more on their core business activities while we continue to offer them our technological solution. We expect that the time that you will expend looking for professional artisans should be saved for more valuable activities. Our service takes care of all your equipment maintenance and repairs at very affordable prices.


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